Hair Color and Fashion


Hey guys! My posts have been all over the place lately! I hope you’re all enjoying the reads! So today I wanted to blog about hair color and how it can affect your fashion. I had been blonde for a long time. Probably close to 2 years. I recently decided to go back to my natural color which is a very dark blonde almost brown. I had a little mishap with the dye and well, it’s more like a brownish-red. I love it though!

What I didn’t think about was how my hair color actually effected how I dress or what makeup I wear! It sounds silly I know, but think about it. With my blonde hair I was wearing mostly blush pinks, whites, light browns, and blacks. Now that my hair is brownish It looks off when I wear a blush pink shirt. Especially if I do my makeup how I used to. Purple eyeshadow, or pink looks odd. I went with a green color (which I never wore) and it looked great!

Not to mention when you have a new hair color you feel like it’s a new you! Sometimes we all need that fresh start. For me it was a big change. I had this burgundy shirt and with blonde hair it looked alright, but with my brown hair it looked great! Especially with a big necklace I had gotten from buckle (a high-end clothing store. If you’ve never been you need to check it out (!

The level of confidence goes up aswell. You feel good so you dress good! pulling out clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, or at least I did, and I found they looked better on me than before.

I have blue eyes and my new hair color really makes them stand out which helps when I wear my white or light brown shirts. Before the shirt drowned out my hair and eyes, now they pop! Sunglasses go better with this style too. The bigger the glasses the cuter the look. With blonde only certain styles looked alright. A lot of my friends noticed that I don’t have that “hippie” look like I did before. Gotta say though, I do miss that!

This was a quick read but It was something I had never thought about so I wanted to share! have a great week!

Side note: I don’t a ton of pictures of my new hair color because I just dyed it!….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.14.995.0..0i67k1.ChEZy4xhegs#imgrc=2prVw9NA25UGjM:


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