July BirchBox (Monthly subscription)


Hello all! So it’s time for another review on Birchbox! I finally received my July box and it had some pretty awesome goodies inside!


The first item I want to talk about is the perfume! It smells AMAZING! I can’t tell you how in love I am with it. It’s called Tocca Emilia. Normally a full bottle is $38-$72. This is another thing I love about Birchbox. For $10 a month you get some really high end products to test. The samples last a while too. The scent is floral  with a hint of zesty citrus notes.


The next item I got was the 8 in 1 power serum. It’s by Marcelle. I applied it my hand and the feeling was good! My skin soaked it up really well and it left my hand feeling very hydrated and smooth. The full size is $37. It is an anti aging gel. Although I did not test it on my face It says you can see results with this product in a week. I believe it after my hand looked.


Now I want to talk about the Arrow eyeliner pencil I got. This was a very different product. I’ve never tried anything like it. The design and packaging was great and if I saw it in a store it would definitely draw me in. Full size of this product is $16. It is kind of like a pink eyeliner. You swipe it in the corners and waterline of your eye for a bushy tailed wide eyed pick me up. It works! My eyes popped, and it made the blue stand out. I’m not sure if you can wear this along with the normal black or brown liner. But if you want something different and lighter ( especially if you have small eyes) this is for you! I loved this product!

Next is the shampoo and conditioner. I have not tried them yet so I can’t tell you if they work or not. Every subscription box I receive a shampoo and conditioner. They are normally amazing. These 2 smell great though! Normally the full size of the shampoo is $34, and the full size of conditioner is $36. The shampoo is supposed to help shine and strengthen your hair, and the conditioner calms frizz and restores split ends (I might have to get some of these) remember my boxes are tailored for curly hair and my specific skin type so this shampoo might not be good for straight hair.


Lastly is the Juara candlenut body creme. This stuff is the bomb! My hands were so smooth! It smells so good too. Full size is $35. It is non greasy and the softness lasts so long! I’ll definitely be needing some of this aswell!20170726_134159

So those were the things I received in my box this month! For $10 a month I do believe it is well worth it if you like trying new products. This month they also gave me a code for 15% off of my next product purchase.

Thanks for reading! As always if you want to start your Birchbox journey you can go to http://www.birchbox.com



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