Is knitting fashion?


Is knitting fashion? This is a question I have asked myself recently. Knitting has been around for a long time and although the trend comes and goes I do believe it is very fashionable!

There are so many things you can knit. I enjoy knitting (though my skill level is low). I’ve knitted scarves, coasters, a sweater, headbands and more. I have some very skilled friends who have knitted amazing blankets, scarves, purses, infinity scarves and so on. They are stunning pieces. If you look closely, a lot of things in stores are knitted. I personally prefer the “homamde” knitting fashion look though.

However, not all knitting is fashionable. It really depends on the yarn and your skill. for example if you go on Etsy (a place where you can buy and sell handmade things of all sorts) there are some shops where the things people knit are amazing, and some shops where they are not. Knitting is also a very different style then what people are used to seeing. It’s more western, and even modern in some cases. There are also knitted items that are incredibly out there and different.

The yarn used to make these amazing pieces that are very fashionable can be anywhere from $15 a skein to $100 . You have to take in account people washing the item, getting food or drinks on it, and possible tears. The more time and the better yarn, the more expensive the creator can make their product.


I also believe certain patterns can be fashionable and certain patterns are not. A lot of people actually create and sell their own patterns they come up with! But sweaters for example are only fashionable in certain patterns. If there was a sweater in chunk thick yarn (though the yarn may be amazing and a lot of money) the pattern used with it is very important. You want something to accentuate a person and catch peoples eye so the pattern is very important.

The creators put in more work then you would think. From the stitch pattern, to the color. Creaters can spend days and weeks on projects. So when you find a knitted piece you love and check the price don’t be upset when it’s not what you thought.


Thank you for the pictures Abby Brummond, Katie Bridgewater,


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