Jamberry is a somewhat new but very different network marketing company. There focus is on nails and the health of them. There motto is if you don’t have the time to go to the salon (or the money for that matter) then this is for you!


They sell all sorts of things. Warps for your nails, cuticle oil, lotion, foot scrub, nail polish, even little fans to help your nails dry. But their main focus is on the wraps. So many different wraps to pick from, you can even design your own.


The wraps come in sheets. Each sheet is $15 and comes with 18 wraps. Although, you cut the wraps in half and so each wrap is really for 2 fingers. They are different sizes too, so you can pick the best fit for your nail. With 5 wraps you can do both hands, and still have some left over based on what your nail length is. It also comes with 2 wraps for your toe nails! Yes! You can do pedis aswell.


You start off by washing your hands with dawn dish soap or something like it. Then you push your cuticle down. Then wipe your nails with the alcohol wipes they have (for best results). After, you cut out your wrap and place it on your nail. You push it down with your finger (not all the way). Then you can either use a hairdryer or the fans they sell that heat up to cure it on. Then you can finish pushing it down.  The heat creates a bond. After that you file the overhang off. Always file down only!

Side note: I am not a consultant nor do I know 100% how you are really supposed to apply these! This is my experience, and how I do them. You can always book a party with a consultant to get the full effect!


There ENDLESS colors, and styles to choose from. The creators also release the sister style of the month. That style only lasts the month but it’s always so cute! It doesn’t usually stay on the market long though because they get sold out. They also have a buy 3 get 1 free deal.

Here are some of my looks:

If you wanted to book a party (earn some free wraps and learn more) i’ll post the website below! I started off by hosting a party. I’ve also been to a few. They are alot of fun! Girl time and nails, who doesn’t love that? Sometimes they do mani parties and sometimes pedi parties! Heres the link to check out!


They stay on for a while to! Mine usally last 2 weeks but it’s different for everyone.


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