Younique Sculpting Trio


Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’m excited to get back on here and test out some more makeup and fashion trends, companies, and looks. This week I tried the Younique contour pallete. There were 3 shades, I chose the lightest one.

There are three colors or steps in each pallete which is strange to me because I’m used to seeing contour palettes with more variety. The makeup itself feels very thick and very smeary.


The brush it comes with is nice. there are 2 ends. The shaped end is for the first step, the other end is for the second step. The third step (highlighting) you’re supposed to use your finger. It takes a lot of the makeup from each section to actually show up on my face.


This is palette is $49. The makeup brush is $32.

For the brush I feel that $32 is a good price. It’s good quality and it looks nice and it’s pretty comparable to some of the more higher end brushes at Sephora. However, the pallete I don’t believe is worth $49. The makeup wasn’t that great. I didn’t do a full-out intense look but it wasn’t in love. The shades are creamy and it took a lot of work to get it to show up on my face.

I did like the steps on the shades when you open the palette. It shows you where you put what and it was very clear and easy.


I feel this is a good starter pallete for someone who doesn’t contour a lot or doesn’t want to spend a ton of time on their makeup, but other palettes that aren’t that much expensive would be better for someone who loves to do makeup all the time.

You can order the palette and brush here:

Thank you for reading!


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