Monthly Subscription: BirchBox

Hey y’all! I have had alot of questions on the company BirchBox. What you get, what is it, how much? Hopefully I can help clear up some questions and tell you about how great the monthly “box” is!


I started BirchBox in February 2017. It is  only $10 a month, and they send sample beauty (makeup and hair) products of different things (from all kinds of different brands) for you to try.  You first make an account on and you take a quiz. Plug in info about what kind of hair you have, your skin type, what makeup you use and love, different looks you like and so on. Then they send you your first box! Make sure you are paying attention to social media before you get your first box! They always have a code to get a free product with your first box! You don’t want to miss out on that! I found mine on a facebook ad. In your box you always get 5 products a month and each box is always designed so beautifully! Here are all the box designs I have received:


They always include a cute post card with a saying and on the back is a list of the products you recieved, what they do, and the price of the full sized one. If you test a product you love you can go onto your account and order the full sized one. I’ve done this a few times with some dry shampoo, eyeliner, and some setting spray.


This month I got some good things! I’ll list them below to give you all an idea of the things you might get in your box. It’s a kicking off the summer box and the feel is very tropical and the products match that feeling. I got a beauty protector (detangler) It smells amazing! It works great too. The full size is $23.50. I got COOLA, which is a SPF 30 organic makeup setting spray. Full size is $36 and I will be getting the full size. I then got the Manna Kadar Cosmetics glo illuminator. It gives your face a glow, full size is $29. ModelCo is an illusion lip pencil. The color is beautiful and the full size is $20. And lastly I recieved the Vita Liberata which is a self tanning lotion. I’ve never tried a self tanning lotion so I’m excited about this one. Full size of the tanning lotion is $30 which isn’t bad at all for a tanning lotion. The exciting part is getting to test out your products once you receive them. I usually get my box towards the end of the month and the $10 for the box comes out of my account in the beginning to middle of the month. Customer service for this company is amazing and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Here’s the customer service number in case you need more info: 877-487-7272.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you try out BirchBox! It’s an amazing company with great products. Getting your monthly box is always so exciting! Post comments below of you got in your box this month!

You can follow the company on their social media platforms: Facebook, instagram, snapchat, and twitter.

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